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Volunteer Conducts Study of Flora in the Preserve

In the spring of this year, (2006) Suzan Campbell came out on one of our walks. She told us many things about the Preserve and then returned to take photos and complete a Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA).

What is a FQA?
According to a study document prepared in 2001 for the state of Michigan, a FQA "is a tool to assist environmental consultants, scientists, natural resource managers, land stewards, environmental decision-makers, and restorationists in assessing the floristic, and implicitly, natural significance of any given area." 

Why is its relevance to Holliday?
According to the Michigan Department of From the same document:
"Natural Resources (1988), over 70 percent of Michiganís original wetlands have been drained or filled, while many remaining wetlands are no longer representative of original landscape types.

"As a consequence, much of Michiganís native biota is now restricted to relatively small and often isolated tracts of landscape across the state. With intensive pressure on Michiganís remaining natural lands, particularly in southern Lower Michigan, there is a need for a consistent and practical method for identifying and recognizing the potential significance of remnant areas for the long-term survival
of Michiganís native biodiversity.

A FQA allows for a simple, consistent, and repeatable method for evaluating the relative significance of tracts of land in terms of their native floristic composition.

View the FQA prepared by Suzan Campbell and learn more about the flora in Holliday.