Improvement Projects in Holliday

For several years Wayne County Parks has been seeking grants to improve the park system, including Holliday Nature Preserve. For even longer, HNPA has communicated our interest in helping to determine how best Holliday Preserve could be improved. To reinforce our interest, the HNPA Board agreed that President Bill Craig would be authorized to begin discussing issues with Wayne County Commissioners.

As we reported in our newsletter, Parks has received $10 million for three projects, one being Holliday Preserve. While we don’t know all the details, there may be plans for a bridge over Morgan Creek and increased parking at the Cowan Section. We also know that the plan also affects Koppernick Section. Much of the work is scheduled for this year.

While we are in favor of improvements to the Preserve and want to increase access, we also feel that since Holliday is the ONLY dedicated forest and wildlife preserve in Wayne County, that protecting that land and its resources takes precedence. Because we have not been invited to discuss the particulars of the project with WCP, we have sent them three position letters (screenshots appear below). We invite you to read them and ask that you attend the public meetings when they are held and come prepared with questions and comments. We will provide meeting information when it becomes available. We need your support!

Email your comments and suggestions to Bill Craig at [email protected]

Adding a bridge over Morgan Creek in Cowan Section.

Parking improvements at Cowan Section entrance.

Foxlands (Koppernick Section) changes.